Preamble – Definitions

For the purpose of proper understanding, the terms below are defined as follows:

  • SAMAYA COWORK : The private limited liability company SAMAYA with its registered office established at ………. and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number BE …… and operating the present activity under the commercial name SAMAYA COWORK.
  • COWORKER: the person who uses or accesses the services, materials and workspaces made available by SAMAYA COWORK.
  1. Object 

1. SAMAYA COWORK provides its members (hereinafter referred to as “coworkers”) with a collaborative shared work space in addition to individual spaces and associated services as described in Article … of these rules. 

2. These rules define the rules to be respected and the terms and conditions of the provision by SAMAYA COWORK of the above-mentioned spaces and services.

3. Any subscription to services and access to the spaces offered by SAMAYA COWORK imply full acceptance of these rules.

4. SAMAYA COWORK reserves the right to unilaterally and without prior notice modify the present internal regulations. 

5. Any breach or non-compliance with these rules exposes the offending coworker to various sanctions including the unilateral termination of the agreement and the exclusion/denial of access to the spaces and services offered by SAMAYA COWORK. 

6. The implementation of the above-mentioned sanctions is the exclusive prerogative of SAMAYA COWORK and the offending coworker will not be entitled to any damages or reimbursement of subscription fees already paid and the sums owed by the offending coworker to SAMAYA COWORK will remain payable.

7. SAMAYA COWORK also reserves the right to terminate the contract between it and a coworker and therefore refuse access to the coworker when the nature of the activity of the coworker is not or no longer compatible with the rules, operations and values of SAMAYA COWORK.

8. The Coworkers also agree to apply all the rules of courtesy and good manners in society within the SAMAYA COWORK spaces. 

9. The Coworkers undertake to comply with all the laws currently in force in Belgium and more particularly with the health measures enacted by the various public authorities competent in the matter.

10. The spaces which are the subject of the present internal rules are located at the following address: …………

2. Membership Requirements

1. To be able to use the services and access the spaces offered SAMAYA COWORK, any coworker must meet the following minimum conditions: 

– Be of age (18 years minimum);

– Have the legal capacity;

– Have taken out a subscription or a tariff formula;

– Have paid for their subscription or the chosen formula;

– Respect the present rules;

3. Operation and access 

1. SAMAYA COWORK is a space for work, sharing and conviviality and can therefore only be used in a strictly professional context, to the exclusion of any other activity (festive, cultural or other).

2. The spaces offered SAMAYA COWORK are accessible from Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 11 pm.

3. The hours of access to the spaces offered by SAMAYA COWORK depend on the formula (subscription or pass) subscribed by the coworker. 

4. Depending on the formula (subscription or pass) subscribed by the coworker, he/she will only be able to access the reserved spaces in a limited way, at specific times, for a certain number of hours and/or days.

5. When the subscription or the formula taken out gives the right to a certain number of hours (limited or unlimited) or access credit to the SAMAYA COWORK spaces, these (hours and/or access credits) only apply for the period determined in the special conditions.

6. The hours / access credits not used at the end of a specified period are deemed to have been consumed by the coworker, who can therefore not request reimbursement or carry forward to a later period.

7. The services and access to the spaces offered by SAMAYA COWORK are subscribed to exclusively digitally by means of the electronic platform accessible via smartphone and/or laptop. 

4. Reservation of spaces

1. SAMAYA COWORK allows the coworker, depending on the formula subscribed by him, to access and benefit from a shared collaborative work space (hereinafter “open space”), a private individual office, a meeting room or a shared kitchen space (hereinafter “open kitchen”).

2. In order to have access to the spaces, you must first subscribe to and pay for a tariff formula and have reserved, according to availability and the formula, the workspace of your choice.

3. Reservations can only be made digitally via the electronic platform accessible via smartphone and/or laptop. 

The coworker will be redirected to an electronic system of online space reservation. 

4. The electronic online space reservation system is operated by an external service provider that is independent of SAMAYA COWORK. SAMAYA COWORK cannot therefore be held responsible and obliged to compensate the Coworker for any damage resulting from the failure of the said online reservation system.

5. Formula 

1. SAMAYA COWORK allows the coworker to choose from one of the following options. 

  1. Each formula determines in particular the type of access (subscription, pass, etc.), the accessible places (meeting room, open space, private office, etc.), the hours of access, the duration of access and certain particular services made available to the coworker (parking, access to the printer, company domiciliation, etc.).
  1. The formulas proposed by SAMAYA COWORK are the following:
  1. Subscriptions


  1. Pass


  1. Private Offices


  1. Meeting Rooms


  1. Extra


  1. Extra-1


4. The coworker is required to pay in full, at the time of subscription, the fees of the chosen formula.

5. The above-mentioned payment is made digitally by means of the electronic platform accessible via smartphone and/or laptop.

The coworker will be redirected to an online payment system. 

6. The online payment system is operated by an external service provider that is independent of SAMAYA COWORK. SAMAYA COWORK shall not be held responsible and shall not be obliged to compensate the Coworker for any damage resulting from the failure of the said online payment system.

7. SAMAYA COWORK offers the possibility to the coworker, by subscribing to the corresponding tariff formula, to domicile his company at the address of SAMAYA COWORK. 

The business address allows the coworker to subscribe to various services such as scanning and sending mail by phone, telephone reception, etc. for an additional fee. 

8. The coworker who has subscribed to the formula allowing the domiciliation of his company (virtual office) within SAMAYA COWORK enjoys a right of access according to the terms and conditions and the period specified in the special conditions.

6. Rules of coworking and use of the spaces and equipment made available

A. Respect for other coworkers and good manners

1. SAMAYA COWORK is a place of exchange and sharing between coworkers. 

2. Each coworker is required to respect the beliefs and ideas of the other. 

3. Each coworker must respect the privacy of other coworkers and maintain good relations with other members. 

4. For the well-being of everyone, it is requested not to make excessive noise, nor to cause any disturbance that could interfere with the smooth running of the activities of the occupants of the coworking space and the community building. 

5. Each coworker agrees, in his use of services and spaces SAMAYA COWORK, to comply with laws and regulations in force, public order and good morals, in order to maintain a respectful cohabitation with other users. 

B. Ownership and respect for the premises 

6. Each coworker is invited to frequent the spaces of SAMAYA COWORK in decent dress, with an acceptable personal hygiene and clothing and to have a correct behavior towards any person present in the premises.

7. Each coworker agrees to leave his workspace and common areas in the best possible state of cleanliness and order after his visit.

This implies, in particular, if necessary, cleaning up after oneself, washing up, closing the windows when leaving, turning off the lights when leaving a room, turning off the heaters, etc.

8. As the workstations are not private, the coworker cannot store in the space his personal belongings and/or his professional equipment (except for exceptional authorization)… except for what is in his individual locker closed by his own padlock. 

9. Each coworker has the obligation to keep in good condition the equipment entrusted to him as well as the machines made available. 

10. Each coworker is obliged to use the equipment and machines according to their usual use and in a normal, careful and reasonable way.

11. The use of the premises or the equipment for other purposes, in particular for personal use, is prohibited, except for the equipment provided for this purpose. Any abnormalities in the operation of machinery and equipment and any incidents must be reported immediately.

C. Kitchen area 

12. SAMAYA COWORK provides coworkers with a kitchen area equipped with : 

– a table ;

– an oven 

– a microwave ;

– a fridge

– a coffee machine 

– an electric kettle;

– Etc.

13. Each coworker must wash the equipment used and leave the space clean and tidy.

D. Computer network

14. Each coworker agrees not to use the network provided for any illegal activity and not to exploit the bandwidth in a way that could harm the activity of other coworkers. Illegal or unfair use of the bandwidth may result in sanctions if the resulting reminders are not followed up.

15. The Internet network is an open network, secured by an access code operated by an external service provider and independent of SAMAYA COWORK.

16. SAMAYA COWORK cannot guarantee the availability of the Internet connection when using the service by the coworker.

17. SAMAYA COWORK cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from any malfunction (including lack of connection, connection speed, etc.) or security breach related to insufficient protection by SAMAYA COWORK of its hardware and computer network.

18. Within the framework of the use of the computer network and prohibited, it is forbidden for the coworker to collect any information from third parties without their consent, to defame or threaten a person, to attempt to obtain unauthorized access to a service or a file, to distribute elements protected by intellectual property without having the required authorizations, to send any mail including threatening, abusive, defamatory or illegal, to transmit a virus or any other program harmful to third parties, as well as to download and put online information or illegal content. 

19. The coworker is solely responsible for the installation of software, browsers and anti-virus software on his/her computer and electronic equipment, which will allow him/her to use the computer network and the Internet in a secure manner.

E. Prohibition of solicitation

20. SAMAYA COWORK is not a place for canvassing or commercial prospecting. Exchanges, networking, sharing of skills and business contributions are encouraged, however systematic prospecting and aggressive commercial strategies are not tolerated.

F. Using the printer 


21. SAMAYA COWORK provides all coworkers with a printer. 

22. To be able to print, the coworker must log in to the member portal and acquire and/or have printing credits which entitle the coworker to print a certain number of pages according to the price paid.

G. Access and use of meeting room, private office and open space

23. Access and use of the meeting room are exclusively reserved to coworkers who have subscribed and are in order of payment of the formula or subscription including the meeting room. 

24. The coworker who reserves the meeting room and who plans to invite participants must first notify SAMAYA COWORK. 

25. The meeting room and the private office can each accommodate a maximum capacity of people, indicated below, which can in no case be exceeded.

26. The meeting room has a maximum capacity of …. people. 

Each private office has a maximum capacity of …..

27. The coworker cannot invite more people than the maximum capacity of the space. 

28. No guest may be admitted to the open space unless he/she has subscribed to and paid for a pass equivalent to the time of his/her visit.

H. Use of the parking lot

29. SAMAYA COWORK provides parking spaces to coworkers who have subscribed to a formula or a subscription entitling them to it. 

30. The coworker can only park on the parking spaces dedicated to SAMAYA COWORK. 

31. Parking may not exceed the total duration of the reservation of spaces within SAMAYA COWORK by more than 15 minutes.

32. Any vehicle that will remain immobilized on a parking space of SAMAYA COWORK, for a period of 10 days, without proving a written authorization from SAMAYA COWORK and having paid the subsequent fees, will be deemed to have been abandoned by its owner. 

33. Any vehicle abandoned on a parking space may be repaired and/or moved at the risk of the coworker without the coworker being able to claim any compensation or right to compensation from SAMAYA COWORK.

34. It is strictly forbidden to make any other use or to store objects on the parking spaces, Samaya Cowork declines any responsibility for the theft, destruction, loss or other of the said objects. 

35. Any object stored in contravention of the provisions of this regulation will be destroyed, moved, sold or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of SAMAYA COWORK. 

The offender will be required to reimburse the costs incurred for the destruction, removal, etc. of the disputed items in addition to compensating SAMAYA COWORK for any damage resulting from the violation of the above provision.

The offender may not claim any right to reimbursement of the objects destroyed, moved or sold or any compensation. 

36. SAMAYA COWORK reserves the right to sell any vehicle abandoned on a parking space to cover all or part of the costs and damages resulting from said abandonment of the vehicle.

37. The aforementioned provision does not limit SAMAYA COWORK’s right to obtain full compensation for damages resulting from the abandonment of a vehicle in its parking lot.

I. Use of toilets and common areas of the building

38. The coworker benefits directly or indirectly from various services that are exclusively related to the spaces and materials located in the common areas of the building, which ensures the management, maintenance and repair. 

Among the above-mentioned services: toilets, heating, air conditioning, elevator. 

39. SAMAYA COWORK does not have toilets within its spaces. 

40. 40. Toilets are available and accessible within the building, which ensures their management and maintenance. 

41. The coworker is required to respect all the rules (property, respect for others, etc.) within these regulations when borrowing or using the common spaces and materials in the building.

42. SAMAYA COWORK assumes no responsibility for the failure, negligence and / or lack of maintenance of spaces and materials located in the common areas of the building.

43. SAMAYA COWORK will set up, free of charge and without any contractual obligation, a system of identification cards to declare any failure, negligence and/or lack of maintenance of spaces and materials located in the common areas of the building. 

J. Video Surveillance System 

44. SAMAYA COWORK to install a video surveillance system in its public spaces (open space, kitchen area, corridors, etc.) for the purpose of security of goods and people, as a deterrent or to identify the perpetrators of theft, damage or assault.

45. Only persons duly authorized by SAMAYA COWORK, legal representatives or any other legally authorized body have access to view, exploit and / or retain the videos recorded. 

46. The retention period of images and / or videos from the surveillance system is …… months / year. 

47. SAMAYA COWORK cannot be held responsible for any damage that may result from the failure to record, the deletion, broadcasting, transmission to a third party, any element (sounds, images, videos) from the video surveillance system.

K. Use of telephone and laptop computers

48. Coworkers must prefer to make phone calls outside the SAMAYA COWORK spaces and especially open space.

49. Exceptionally, the use of cell phones is allowed in SAMAYA COWORK spaces only when the use is moderate and respectful of other coworkers.

50. Each coworker is requested to put his cell phone on vibrate mode.

51. Any sound notification from devices (computers, phones) must be disabled.

52. The use of headphones to listen to music, videos or any other sound file is mandatory and must be done at a volume that respects the other coworkers.

L. Connection of electrical appliances

53. Any modification of the electrical installation is strictly forbidden.

54. 54. Each coworker must ensure that the electrical equipment used is in conformity with the electrical outlets. The installation and use of extension cords is forbidden. 

M. No smoking in the premises 

55. In accordance with the law of December 22, 2009 establishing a general regulation on the prohibition of smoking in certain places and the protection of the population against tobacco smoke, it is strictly forbidden to smoke within the spaces of SAMAYA COWORK. 

N. Prohibition of alcoholic beverages and illicit substances

56. It is strictly forbidden to introduce, distribute and/or consume alcoholic beverages or illicit substances within the SAMAYA COWORK spaces. 

O. Animals 

57. Animals are not allowed in the SAMAYA COWORK areas. 

P. Children

58. Minors are not allowed in the SAMAYA COWORK areas. 

59. Children over 18 years of age are only admitted to SAMAYA COWORK areas if (cumulative conditions): 

1) they have subscribed to a formula and/or a subscription allowing access to and/or use of services, equipment and spaces provided by SAMAYA COWORK and ;

2) they comply with all the requirements set out in these rules.

Q. The services and subscriptions subscribed to are personal and nominative

60. The services and packages subscribed to by the coworker are reserved for the coworker’s exclusive and personal use. 

61. The coworker commits himself to personally use the services, the equipment and the spaces made available by SAMAYA WORK.

62. The rights arising from the contract between the coworker and SAMAYA COWORK are not transferable in the coworker.

63. The coworker who contravenes the aforementioned provision and who transfers his subscription to a third party and / or more broadly allows a third party to access the services, equipment and spaces made available by SAMAYA WORK is exposed to the wrongful termination of his contract and his exclusion / denial of access to services and spaces of SAMAYA WORK.

64. Lorsqu’en application de la disposition contenue dans la clause 6.30, le coworker se voit exclu et/ou refuser l’accès aux services, matériel et espaces de SAMATA WORK, le coworker ne pourra se prévaloir, à l’encontre de SAMAYA COWORK, d’un quelconque droit à un remboursement de ses frais de souscription ou plus généralement une quelconque indemnisation de tout préjudice (direct ou indirect) qui résulterait de ladite exclusion et/ou refus d’accès.

R. Materials Provided

65. SAMAYA COWORK does not provide laptops, each coworker must bring his own computer and work equipment, and take it with him when he leaves, or put it in the individual secure places provided. 

66. Each coworker is responsible for his equipment and SAMAYA COWORK will not be held responsible in case of loss, theft and damage to the said equipment. 

67. SAMAYA COWORK strongly recommends each coworker to take out an insurance policy against theft valid outside the home. 

S. Storage spaces (lockers) 

68. SAMAYA COWORK provides coworkers with storage lockers. 


69. The storage lockers are not intended to be used for long-term storage.

70. The objects that are deposited in these lockers or left elsewhere in the spaces of SAMAYA COWORK, are at the risk of their owner.

71. When a closed locker or cabinet is rented by the coworker, he can only store equipment, supplies and materials related to his activity. No foodstuffs may be stored there.

72. Any equipment or supplies stored in the coworking space without authorization, including in a locker, for more than eight (8) working days, will be considered abandoned and SAMAYA COWORK may destroy, discard or sell it, without the coworker being entitled to any compensation.

T. Evacuation of the building

73. In case of alarms and/or any order to evacuate the building, SAMAYA COWORK has set up an information sheet to follow to evacuate the building.  

74. It is STRICTLY forbidden to use the elevator in case of evacuation of the building. 

75. Any evacuation of the building must be done in a calm manner.


7. Insurance, liability and equipment of the coworker

1. SAMAYA COWORK undertakes to take out all insurance contracts provided for by the applicable legislation. 

2. Each coworker is responsible for the equipment he uses and stores in the SAMAYA COWORK spaces. Consequently, each coworker is required to take out personal and professional insurance covering his liability and/or any damage he may cause and/or suffer when using the premises, services and equipment made available by SAMAYA COWORK.

3. In a non-exhaustive manner, the coworker cannot engage the contractual and extra-contractual responsibility of SAMAYA COWORK in case of : 

– Forgetting documents or equipment within the SAMAYA COWORK spaces. 

– Acts of theft or damage by third parties within the building.

 – Damage, fire, water damage, humidity, or any other circumstance affecting the coworker’s own property.

8. Entry into force

These rules come into force upon subscription to services and / or access to spaces made available by SAMAYA COWORK.